Blackwater is a pariah city-state located on the southern coastline of Caeles. The city was built atop a mountain several decades ago by a group of outlaws and is therefore not recognized as an official state by legitimate countries. The city is therefore comprised mostly of delinquents, criminals, and the slaves they enslave. The city is ran by various criminal organizations that run shops and services in their territories. The city we notorious for running the largest illegal slave-fighting systems, which has become a major source of commerce.

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Blackwater has one of the smallest populations as far as major settlements go. Most of the city’s citizens are delinquents who come from various backgrounds and lives lost in tragedy; by little chance does anyone voluntarily stumble into Blackwater and choose to live there. A sizable population make up the crooks and thugs that are apart of organized crime, while enslavers, slaves, and those fleeing others make up another part. While the population is low in relation to other major establishments, Blackwater’s is always changing due to nomadic groups such as pirates, smugglers, enslavers, slaves, and travelers.

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There has never been an official city watch established for Blackwater because the city controlled by several criminal organizations. Each respectively provides policing, or lack thereof for their territory. Pirates are also hired to patrol the southern coast and manage incoming vessels.  

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